Powder coat disclaimer

Powder coat disclaimer

Important: PLEASE READ

These bed racks are in a direct line of fire from your front tires. It's the only way the bed rack can do it's job on the outside of the Softopper. Dirt on the roads can act as a sand blaster throwing snow, rocks, mud, road salt, winter gravel etc onto the rack degrading the powder coat. No coating can withstand repeated assault from the elements especially in harsh climates. Even some car washes  use chemicals that are destructive to powder coating.

Steps you can take to prevent damage and rust

  •  Use mud flaps 
  •  Use fender flares
  •  Wash off mud snow
  •  Road salt destroyes all finishes, wash the truck often if your roads are salted
  •  Apply a coat of wax occasionally 
  •  Touch up any bare metal with Krylon spray paint in gloss black 
  •  The racks are made to get used and enjoyed. Occasional maintenance on your part may be required. Use paint to fix any scrapes from rocks or branches to protect any exposed metal.

We have sourced the best powder coating facility to powder coat our products, it is still a third party source that we don't have direct quality control over. Therefore, we are unable determine the longevity of the powder coatings lifespan.