Shock skid Instructions

One skid fits both sides, no right or left
Tools needed 21mm 18mm  two of each, socket and wrench or any combination and a 9/16 for the top bolt and some blue locktite or any other thread locker. leave everything finger tight till all bolts are in
make sure the engine is off and in park, using a jack or ramps is not needed, but if you do follow all the instructions, block wheels and use jack stands if you are not comfy doing this take it to a mechanic, be smart don't get smashed
slide under the truck
Best way is to have a friend help, but is not needed just makes is easier
 remove the shock bolt the shocks are charged so they will try to expand, you can easily hold them the pressure is not much
remove the shock bolt, once the shock bolt is out slide the skid up and put the new longer bolt through the hole, can be a little hard going in because the shock will be pushing on it, turning it with the ratchet will make it go through the hole easier
 put the nut plate inside the bracket at the top and thread the bolt in, we recommend lock tight on the threads, once it's all together just tighten the bolts
14mm 100ft lbs 3/8" Bolt 25 ft lbs and your done. 
any other questions, or if it does not go well  please ask.