Toyota Tacoma Molle Panel Instructions




Tacoma Console instructions 2016-2020

First thing is make sure you have all the parts

For each panel you should have

  • 4 Button head allen bolts

  • 4 Nylock nuts

  • 4 Washers

  • 4 Spacers

Tools needed

  • Drill motor

  • ¼" drill bit or step drill

  • Sharpie pen, silver pencil

  • 5/32 Allen wrench

  • 7/16 open end or box end wrench

Mark the console with the Molle panel as your template 

You can adjust them around a little, but they are a pretty close fit so just check twice before you drill the holes, the console is slightly different on each side.




If you plan on attaching these without removing the console, you may have a hard time with the top middle bolt, small hands work better for this.



If you plan on removing the console to attach the hardware, here is what you need to do.

In the center of the console, reach down and pull up the sides




Push down on the chrome collar on the shifter, 6 speed manual will unscrew the shift knob




Once it is pushed down turn it counter clock wise and remove it




Next, reach down and pull up on the front




Now it should pull up, but go slow you have to remove a wire connector




Unplug wire connector



Now you can pick it up, and rotate it out of the way, the E brake cover will prevent you from removing it without a small fight. I did not bother with removing it, it moves out of the way far enough



Pick it up and rotate it out of the way



Now you can get to the nuts to tighten up the new Molle panels, go easy tightening them down, washer goes on the inside against the console

This is how the hardware goes     

  • Allen bolt       

  • Molle panel     

  • Spacer     

  • Tacoma console       

  • Flat washer       

  • Nylock nut



Once you get the panels mounted, just reverse the steps in putting back the console plastic and shifter knob, don’t forget the wire connector.

Now get some cool stuff to mount on the Molle

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