Ford Pickup Canvas cage bed rack

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Ford F-150  Canvas Cage bed rack

Over the top bed rack, lets you mount a roof top tent and all the critical gear you need to get to where you're going and make it back.

The bed rack in the picture is 1" taller than the production rack, the rack you will get is 1" lower, still clears the cab by 1 1/2" 

Comes complete with all hardware and simple, easy to read instructions. Made from 12 Gauge HRPO steel, laser cut and formed to exact standards for a perfect, no hassle fit. 

Fits over the top of Softopper bed covers.

  • Roof top tent mounting holes, no drilling required
  • Static load rating 1000lbs 
  • Fits Softopper’s folding truck caps 
  • Fits Ford F-150 2015-2021
  • Roof top tent mounting holes.
  • Hole patterns for all the gear.
  • Ratchet strap mounts everywhere.
  • Fits all Roto Pax molded gasoline cans.
  • LED camp light mounts.
  • Rear AUX 3rd brake light mounting holes.
  • Includes 2 accessory panels and 4 tent cross bars.
  • 12 Ga HRPO laser cut steel.
  • Light weight @ 100 LBS

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