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Canvas Cage Accessory Long bed panel Blem

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These panels function perfectly, they have powder coat flaws, smears, scratch, or runs, nothing terrible

Canvas Cage and Base Station Accessory Panels are the same,

 3/16" Laser cut HRPO Steel. Mount all your gear to these Panels

LONG BED PANEL for Standard and long bed racks

 Do not use the sheet metal plate supplied by Rotopax, mount the aluminum mount directly to the accessory panel with a lock washer, or locktite.

  • Slots for zip ties or hose clamps to mount 
  • Elongated slots for ratchet strap
  • Center slot measures 1/2" to allow easy mounting of high lift jack using 1/2” studs
  • Multiple holes for mounting RotoPax, FuelPax hardware
  • Mount shovel
  • Mount axe
  • Panels mount only to the sides of the rack
  • Proudly made in Idaho USA