2 Panels Chevy Colorado Console Molle Panels

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Colorado Console Molle Panel, fits 2016-2022

Save some cash, get two panels for a discounted price

Center console molle panel fits the Colorado and Gmc Canyon's console, attach cell phone, holster, bear spray just about anything that you can think of that fits in a pouch and is needed close by

Fits 2016-2022

  • All hardware included
  • 14Ga HRPO steel
  • Powder coated textured black
  • Price is for 2 panels
  • Pouch sold separately 
  • Must drill or make holes in center console to mount
  • Button head Allens bolts for smooth leg contact
  • Nylock nuts 
  • Easy to install

Mounting instructions.

One panel fits either side of the center console, comes complete with all the hardware and spacers to attach to the center console, all you need is a to transfer the holes to your plastic console panel, do this by laying it up on the console and with a pen mark the holes, then, remove the panel and take a  drill bit in a drill motor and drill through the panel.

Be very careful when drilling, lay the panel down on a flat surface like a piece of wood that can be drilled into.

Take the panel and bolt it to the center console and replace it to the truck and you are ready to attach molle bags